This site is Still a massive Wip so please forgive me

who are you?

Hi i'm Ned a 17 year old from Germany who has spend most of their life on the internet.
i like to draw and animate and have also tried a bit of 3d modeling and gamemaking but i'm still learning lol

what is this place?

this is my own personal website a place away from the boring and clean looks of newer websites
eversince i was 14 i've grown incrisingly interested in the early web espacially in how personal and costomizable it used to be there is just something so charming about the more undefined and chaotic look of 90s and 2000s websites that sadly aren't as common anymore most websites today just look so boring and clean so this website is a sort of loveletter to those early websites that i sadly wasn't around to expirience.
but it's also a sort of archieve for my stuff since you can never be sure if YouTube and stuff just randomly decide to Delete all your stuff so just incase my socials get yeeted i still have this little website where all my stuff is collected